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1.)  Do you use a high-speed connection (cable modem, DSL, etc.) to the Internet?
Yes, for sure No I'm not sure

2.)  Are you in favor of tax cuts?
Yes. Because I would like to keep more of the money I earn to spend on my family and myself.
No. No more tax cuts because I want to give more of the money I work for & earn to the government.

3.)  Do you plan to buy a new car, SUV, or light truck for your personal or family use within the next 6 months?
Yes No

Least Favorite Sport
1.)  What is your least favorite sport?
2.)  Do you ever play your least favorite sport?
Yes           No

Sports Jobs
After the Packers / Bills game, Buffalo released quarterback Trent Edwards.

During the Packers / Eagles game, the Packers injured Philadelphia quarterback Kevin Kolb. Philadelphia then had to play backup quarterback Michael Vick.

During a playoff game against the Eagles, the Packers injured Michael Vick and another backup was needed.

After the Packers / Cowboys game, Dallas fired Wade Phillips and most of his staff.

After the Packers / Vikings game, Minnesota fired Brad Childress and most of his staff.

Four weeks after losing to the Packers, the 49er's coach Mike Singletary and most of his staff were fired and replaced.

During the Bears playoff game, the Packers injured Jay Cutler and backup Todd Collins forcing the Bears to go with 3rd string quarterback Caleb Hanie.

Did the Packers create more jobs last year than Obama?
  Yes No
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Former Senator George Mitchell released a report tying 89 Major League Baseball players, including Roger Clemens, Jason Giambi, Andy Pettitte, Frank Thomas, Mike Stanton, Jason Grimsley, Chuck Knoblauch,  Barry Bonds, Ken Caminiti, José Canseco, Juan González, Mo Vaughn, Miguel Tejada, Gary Sheffield, Lenny Dykstra, Denny Neagle, Todd Hundley, Mike Stanton, Paul Lo Duca and Eric Gagné, directly to the use of illegal, performance-enhancing drugs. The report used informant testimony and supporting documents to provide a detailed portrait. Mitchell described the long-term event as "baseball’s steroids era".  The New York Times, December 14, 2007
1.) The resolution that I prefer for baseball's steroid problem is:
A ban for life of all players who ever used steroids with no chance for reinstatement once they are proven beyond reasonable doubt to have used steroids. A ban for life of all players proven to have ever used steroids & removal from all record books for all players who used steroids. Forget about the whole thing since every one does stuff like that sometime during his life.

2.) My resolution for this situation is:

3.) I am: Male    Female              My age is:

League Salaries
1.)  NHL, NBA, NHL & other sports franchise players are way over paid.
Agree           Disagree
2.)  Players should be paid far less with reasonable bonuses paid only after performing well.
Agree           Disagree
3.)  Ticket prices are too high.
Agree           Disagree
Pete Rose Survey
I fooled you, you fools. Sosa Breaking His Bat For The ??? Time
-- Pete Rose in 1989:  "I never bet on baseball."
-- Pete Rose in 2003:  "I did," to ABC News' Charles Gibson.
     "That was my mistake for not coming clean a lot earlier."
1. USA Today, December 10, 2002:   "Pete Rose, banned from baseball since 1989 for illegal gambling, is close to being reinstated.  The all-time hits leader could be on the Hall of Fame ballot next December and back in baseball in some capacity by 2006 if ongoing negotiations with Commissioner Bud Selig are successful. Should Pete Rose be allowed back in the game/business/culture of baseball?

Yes, even though he has lied ever since 1989 about his gambling.
No -- Because even though he could play well, he also lied and continued to lie for over 13 years, gambled, broke the rules, and sports should be played by rules and consequences.

2.  In order to get re-instated, Pete Rose must sign a confession about his gambling.  That will verify that he did gamble and lied about it for 13 years.  Do you think that after re-instatement he will eventually claim that he was coerced into signing the confession and only did it for the good of baseball? Of course, why not in today's culture?
No, what would make me think that?

3. January 22, 2003:  A friend of Pete's now says that Pete is prepared to admit:

     1.)  That he did actually gamble on baseball, and,
     2.)  That he did lie about it for 13 years.

His admission that he lied for so long should in itself REALLY make him ineligible for Baseball's Hall of Fame!!!
Oh my God, did he really lie?
No, I can't believe it. He didn't lie for 13 years.  But, wait, then I wonder is he lying now?

4. Pete Rose was banned from baseball for life because: He was caught gambling
He lost his hitting ability
Vast right field conspiracy
He's a jerk

5. Pete Rose wants to be reinstated in baseball so that he can then be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Do you believe he should be reinstated? Yes

6. Pete Rose allegedly placed bets on his own team and then played and managed in the games that he bet on.  Do you think that perhaps he might have adjusted the way he played in order to affect the outcome of the games? Yes

7. Of those on the right, who or what group does the most damage to our culture. Corporate executives, accountants, stock manipulators & under-the-table deal makers
Pete Rose
Both of these because they erode the integrity of our society and provide examples of "getting away with something crooked that we each may want to try someday."

8. Rose was asked in the ABC Primetime interview why he should be reinstated.  Pete answered: "Because I understand that I made a mistake.  And there is not a damn thing I can do about that mistake."  On January 5, 2004, Kirk Semple in USAToday, reports that Rose suggested his willingness to recognize his mistake's severity and admit to it was enough to rectify the error.  Rose said, "Fourteen years is a long time.  It's time to clean the slate, it's time to take responsibility." To Pete Rose, taking responsibility means: Saying, "Ya, I done it.  Now let's all pretend I never did do it."
Admitting to gambling and lying and then suffering no consequences.

9. If you cheated your boss and friends, lied and got away with it for 14 years, and then admitted to cheating, would you expect to have your boss accept you back into his business and your friends back into their lives as if as if you never did anything wrong? Yes

10. Pete Rose gambled, was caught, paid a fine.  Who and what was damaged by Pete Rose's actions? Pete Rose
The sport
His fans
Everyone who respects rules & knows right from wrong
All of the above
No one

11. Do you believe that Hall of Fame members need to be examples of good sportsmanship? Yes

12. Do you believe that Hall of Fame members should be good role models? Yes

13. Do you believe the Hall of Fame should induct anyone who plays baseball very well, regardless of his character, morals, integrity and ethics? Yes

14. The American Heritage Dictionary defines 'fame' as, "Great renown," "Public estimation, reputation."  Does Pete Rose's fame qualify him for the Baseball Hall of Fame? Yes

15. Why do people want Rose re-instated? Baseball players can be dishonest if they play well enough.
Most people don't consider gambling on your own team serious even though it breaks baseball's rules.
Most people envy others who can get away with dishonest or unethical behavior.
So many athletes are criminals, drug users, do so many low class things, that it doesn't matter if Rose gambles and lies about it..

16. Is Rose's re-instatement merely another example of our society's eroding ethical standards? Yes

17. Sammy Sosa's bat broke while he hit what might have been another of his famous home runs.  How many times before has Sammy used a corked bat by mistake? Never
Enough to give him the critical extra homers
Some number that we'll never know

18. I am: Female

19. My age group is: Under 10 11-19 20-29
30-39 40-49 50-59
60-69 70-79 80 & older
How did you find
Wall Street Journal Business associate A friend
USA Today Just looking around the Internet Search engine
News magazine A blog named:  Link from:
I live in the following country or state:
Sports Trends
1.  My favorite sport to watch is:
Baseball Basketball
Soccer Auto racing
Football Ice hockey
Tennis Golf
Swimming Skiing
Other: Cycling

2.  My favorite sport to participate in is:
Baseball Basketball
Soccer Auto racing
Football Ice hockey
Tennis Golf
Swimming Skiing
Other: Cycling

3.  Baseball is no longer the US national pastime. Agree

4.  Over recent years basketball has surpassed baseball and become the US national pastime. Agree

5.  Salaries of sports figures are too high. Agree

6.  Tickets are over-priced. Agree

7.  Sports figures need to be more responsible in their personal lives. Agree

8.  There is too much & inappropriate fighting between players in several sports. Agree

9.  The rules and the officials have lost authority. Agree

10.  I exercise on a regular schedule. Agree

11.  When people exercise, proteins, enzymes, and other chemicals are created in excess, released into the blood, and flow through the brain.  Long-term, frequent and excessive flow of these chemicals through the brain is instrumental in causing Alzheimer's disease. Agree
Wow, I never thought of that, but maybe I'll exercise a little less

12. I am: Female

13. My age group is: Under 10 11-19 20-29
30-39 40-49 50-59
60-69 70-79 80 & older
How did you find
Wall Street Journal Just looking around the Internet A friend
USA Today Business associate Search engine
Sports magazine A blog named: Link from:
I live in the following country or state:
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