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My Personal Workouts

The workout is defined as any exercise plan that includes a regular schedule of running, lifting, and stressing, often with the use of mechanical equipment.

About Your Workout: Imagine how many hours are expended each week exercising, showering afterwards, and laundering workout clothes. Imagine how much time is expended planning, talking, analyzing, fine-tuning, and reviewing workout routines, results, and failures. Imagine how much time is expended shopping for the just right foods and supplements. Imagine how many hours are expended shopping for equipment, clothing, and the “just right” paraphernalia. Imagine the detailed analysis time expended to consider the perfect diets, dieting, and food abstinence. Imagine how much pleasure is lost not eating & not doing enjoyable things more than exercising.

Is it conceivable that a smart person might have better ways to spend all that time each day, each week, each month? Do you maintain your exercise routine but are concerned that years from now you may suffer from the stresses and forces applied to your body during workouts? Do you expect to have damaged knee & hip joints?

Do you expect to have pain in cartilage I damage during workouts? Do you expect some excess muscle to turn to flabbiness as I age and am forced to workout less?

Do you expect to stay young and healthy forever & never suffer from damaged joints?

About some people’s excessive need to exercise: Is it actually, 1.) Exercising is part of the self-denial which includes not eating tasty foods, not buying a fun car, & being generally dissatisfied with my lifestyle? Or, 2.) Being unhappy with important aspects of our lives including spouse, kids, work, etc., etc.? Or, 3.) Being afraid of aging normally?

It’s not a big deal. I just want to get into shape. That’s why I spend hours & money, and avoid being home, & being with certain family members and friends.

Interesting Issue: Exercise causes our adrenal gland to secrete the hormone adrenaline. Adrenaline then causes the secretion of the male hormone, testosterone. The excessive testosterone secreted into women’s bodies through exercising contributes to a gender shift. That shift varies depending upon the individual woman and her exercise regimen. Dare you comment on the gender shift, including some loss of feminine characteristics with an increase in masculinity? Does it seem plausible, make no sense, or would you say, “Wow, I have observed that myself”?

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